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8 July 2012 - New server and new Forum !

Author Topic: Mida FAQ  (Read 15226 times)


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Mida FAQ
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:36:19 pm »

This is the current text of the FAQ taken from the official website of Mida.

Do you have any questions you want to be added?



What are the differences between Mida Basic, Pro, and Studio versions?

 Click this link for a comparison table of the 3 versions.

Can Mida handle project groups, or just one project at a time?

Only one project at a time in a single directory (no sub-directories).

Is there anything that Mida handles in Delphi but not in C++ or vice versa?

The only difference is that the C++ source code is not updated such as for a MessageBox.
 This is only supported in Pascal.

Can Mida handle TMS components and any other 3rd party sets?

Mida Pro and Studio support hundreds of 3rd party components. Many of these such as TcxPageControl from DevExpress are converted into a different FireMonkey component which performs the same function.

Does Mida support all databases that are supported by FireMonkey?


Is Mida optimized in particular ways for different databases?

Yes, if Mida recognizes the presence of some components of the database it performs a specific conversion improving the quality of the conversion.
It will add the specific library unit required for the database.

The set of components are recognized by Mida are :

- ClientDataSet
- Embarcadero - InterBase
- Elevate Software - DBISAM 4.x
- Elevate Software - EDB 2.x
More soon ..

Can Mida handle TeeChart?


Can Mida handle TLabeledEdit?

Mida has specific procedures for the conversion of TLabeledEdit. The name of the original component is given to the new TEdit, while the new TLabel receives a sub-name.

Can Mida handle TPageControl?

Mida supports many variants of TPageControl. TPageControl, TcxPageControl, and TAdvPageControl are converted into a FireMonkey TabControl while the TTabSheet, TcxTabSheet, and TAdvTabSheet are converted into a FireMonkey TTabItem.

Can Mida handle TRadioButton, TGroupBox, and TRadioGroup?

 TGroupBox, Yes.
 TRadioGroup, No, as an equivalent component is missing in FireMonkey and so instead it is converted into a TPanel.

Can Mida handle TTabbedNotebook?

No, as an equivalent component is missing in FireMonkey. In future versions of Mida it will be converted into TTabControl and TTabItem controls.

If I want to convert a component, not supported by Mida, for example TRadioGroup, can I convert it into a FireMonkey component?

Yes, see Mida page : Custom components
 With Mida Pro and Studio you can specify or change the internal conversion table. There you can indicate the source and destination class (i.e. TRadioGroup -> TMYFmxRadioGroup ) and you can also specify the properties name conversion (i.e. Caption -> Text ).

Can Mida handle TMainMenu and TPopupMenu?


Can Mida handle File Open and Save Dialog?


Can Mida handle TImageList?

No. Unfortunately, the equivalent ImageList logic is missing in FireMonkey. To reduce the aesthetic problem in the buttons Mida can convert it to TImageButton (in the Mida Pack).

Can Mida handle TSplitter?


Can Mida handle TActionList?

No, unfortunately the ActionList equivalent logic is missing in FireMonkey.

What happens with ActiveX and COM controls?

Mida does not make any changes to these controls.




In the conversion table, I see entries like StyleBook, LiveBindings Basic and Advanced, Pascal Source Code Converter, Image Converter, Mida Application, what do they mean?

 The VCL framework includes style information such as fonts, TPanels, and backgrounds in each component. For example a TLabel would include the font size, name, and color. The FireMonkey framework uses a Stylebook technique where all component style information for a form is contained in a stylesbook for that form rather than in each component. Mida Pro and Studio seamlessly and automatically moves the VCL style information into the new FireMonkey stylebook on each form saving you from having to manually cut and paste this information from each component.

LiveBindings Basic and Advanced
 FireMonkey does not have DataAware components. It instead uses a LiveBindings technique. For example Mida converts TDBEdit components to a TEdit and then sets up the LiveBinding to the component. Mida creates components like TBindingsList and TBindScopeDB to get the connection to the database field and creates the rules (link) to bind the TEdit component to the new database field.
Mida Basic creates these links only for simple components such as TDBEdit , TDBText etc. Mida Pro and Studio add support for more complex components such as TDbLookUpComboBox.

Pascal Source Code Converter
 Mida Pro and Studio are able to analyze and update source code in Delphi Pascal fixing code which is not compatible with FireMonkey. This saves you the difficulty of searching and replacing code which is often not easy to find or do.
The following code while valid in VCL does not run in the FireMonkey framework.

Image Converter
 Mida automatically converts the class TImage.
Mida Pro and Studio also converted the contents (PNG, JPG, BMP...)

Mida Application
 Mida Basic is a plug-in installed in the Delphi/C++Builder XE2-XE3-XE4 IDE menus.
 Mida Pro and Studio are each standalone applications( Mida.exe).

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