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Author Topic: Mida Converter 5.5 Pro and Studio - Available  (Read 13559 times)


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Mida Converter 5.5 Pro and Studio - Available
« on: June 01, 2016, 01:16:21 am »

We are pleased to present the availability of Mida Converter 5.5 for Delphi XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8/Seattle/Berlin and C++Builder XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8/Seattle/Berlin

Mida 5.5 new features:

 - Full Rad Studio Berlin support
 - New "VCL to VCL" conversion ( third-party components are converted and removed ) ( Studio only )
 - Better DataSnap support

previous versions:

Mida 5.2 new features:

 - Full Rad Studio 10 Seattle support
 - Hint support (VCL to FMX conversion )
 - Anchors bug fixed (VCL to FMX conversion )

Mida 5.0.1

New XE8 Support

New TImageList support ( XE8 only, VCL to FMX conversion )

New TPNGImageList support ( XE8 only, VCL to FMX conversion )

New "Mida Studio PLUS" , 2 license

New Sub/Multi Directory support ( Studio PLUS only )

New Script file support for automatic conversion ( Studio PLUS only )

New advanced setting, You can turn on and off, accurately, each group of
 components (DevExpress, TMS ..) for greater management when using the
 "Custom Conversion", for example. (VCL to FMX conversion, Studio PLUS only )

 New TMS Grid support: TTMSFMXLiveGrid (VCL to FMX conversion )
 Better VCL to IntraWeb support
 Fix Clx To FireMonkey

More info:

Mida 4.52

New MYDAC support

New components : TMyPngBitBtn, TAdvOfficeStatusBar, TColumnComboBox, TwwDBDateTimePicker,TJvCaptionPanel

Better "Units section" support

Mida 4.5

XE7 Support

Better FireDac support in VCL To FMX conversion
Add "DBISAM to FireDac" in Total Conversion of Mida

Units support:

 - Add support to DataSnap (TDSServer,TDSTCPConnectEventObject,TIdTCPConnection,TDSCustomRoleItem,
 TRTLCriticalSection) - XE7 units only
 - Add support to dbExpress (TSQLConnection...) - XE7 units only
 - Add support to Indy (HTTP,SMTP) - XE7 units only
 - Add support to others class, like : TXMLDocument,TStopWatch,TFile,DecodeDateTime,Zlib Compression,
 Any Winapi functions.. - XE7 units only

Add support to TAdvDBComboBox and TwwDBDataTimePicker ( VCL To FMX )

Better code conversion

Mida 4.2

XE6 Support

Advanced quality conversion for VCL to FMX
Advanced quality conversion for Custom Conversion

New InfoPower FMX grid support

New C++ Mobile support( Mida Studio only )

New option support forTImage inside Button/SpeedButton... components in VCL to FMX conversion ( Mida Studio only )

New option support forcomments all your Functions and Proceduresfor a more easy conversion - Delphi Only ( Mida Studio only )

New TFlowPanel support

New "Total conversion" support from VCL To IntraWeb 14 withTMS IW components pack, basic components ( Mida Studio only )
 Load VCL_To_IntraWeb_14_TMS.mida file


You can to convert your VCL DeskTop source to Android using native components ( XE5/XE6 - Mida Studio only )
 We have add support to Delphi Android Native ComponentsD.P.F.( XE6 update - v2.8.1 - 2014/05/17 )


XE5/XE6 Only

 TLabel > TDPFJTextView
 TEdit > TDPFJEditText
 TButton > TDPFJButton
 TSpeedButton > TDPFJButton
 TImageButton > TDPFJButton
 TImageSpeedButton > TDPFJButton
 TCheckBox > TDPFJCheckBox
 TImage > TDPFJImageView
 TImageControl > TDPFJImageView
 TListView > TDPFJListView
 TProgressBar > TDPFJProgressBar
 TRadioButton > TDPFJRadioButton
 TTabControl > TDPFJTabHost
 TTabItem > TDPFAndroidTabBarItem
 TSwitch > TDPFJTextSwitcher
 TWebBrowser > TDPFJWebView

Updated support for D.P.F iOS V v8.5.2 Native Components XE4/XE5/XE6 Only

Mida Pack for XE6

Other new features:

Mida 4.0

* XE5 Support :
 Full support XE5 StyleBook
 Full support XE5 FireMonkey

* Full support XE5 AndroidMobile ( XE4/XE5 - Mida Studio only )

You can to convert your VCL DeskTop source to Apple iPad or Android Tablet

* Add support to Delphi iOS Native Components D.P.F. v. 3.5.1 ( XE4/XE5 - Mida Studio only )


 TToolbar > TDPFToolbar
 TEdit > TDPFTextView
 TListBox > TDPFUITableView
 TSwitch > TDPFSwitch
 TTrackBar > TDPFSlider
 TLabel > TDPFLabel
 TImage > TDPFImageView
 TImageControl > TDPFImageView
 TButton > TDPFButton
 TSpeedButton > TDPFButton
 TImageButton > TDPFButton
 TImageSpeedButton > TDPFButton
 TWebBrowser > TDPFWeb
 TProgressBar > TDPFProgress

*Add support to Delphi iOS Native Components TMS iCL v. 1.6.0 ( XE4/XE5 - Mida Studio only )


 TToolbar > TTMSFMXNativeUIToolBar
 TEdit > TTMSFMXNativeUITextView
 TListBox > TTMSFMXNativeUITableView
 TSwitch > TTMSFMXNativeUISwitch
 TTrackBar > TTMSFMXNativeUISlider
 TLabel > TTMSFMXNativeUILabel
 TImage > TTMSFMXNativeUIImageView
 TImageControl > TTMSFMXNativeUIImageView
 TButton > TTMSFMXNativeUIButton
 TSpeedButton > TTMSFMXNativeUIButton
 TImageButton > TTMSFMXNativeUIButton
 TImageSpeedButton > TTMSFMXNativeUIButton
 TWebBrowser > TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView
 TProgressBar > TTMSFMXNativeUIProgressView

note :
 With "TEdit" ( and the other original components ) is indicate all TEdit supported from Mida (like TMS TEdit, DevExpress TEdit...)
 for example: TPNGButton is converted to TDPFButton / TTMSFMXNativeUIButton

- LiveBindings is not supported in this version

 - For better result, open ( touch ) and save all converted forms

* Total Conversion ( Mida Studio only )

Total Conversion is a main feature of Mida Studio 4, allows you to convert single or groups of components.

With the prior versions was possible to use Mida to convert projects from VCL to FireMonkey adding exceptions (custom conversion) but the structure VCL to FMX was an obligation.

But now there are no more limits , a total conversion.

For example,you can to convert a project from VCL To IntraWeb, or change database, like dbIsam to EDB or AnyDac to FireDac or BDE To FireDac....

it is also possible to simply convert a group of components, such asTMS VCL Cloud componenttoTMS Cloud for FireMonkey, choosing to convert only the
components or even the project from VCL to FireMonkey.

Click here for more informations

* Better C++Builder support

 * Mida Pack for XE5

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