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News & Events

June 25,2017 Mida 5.6
Tokyo and uniGUI

May 10,2017 Dropbox Library
New Delphi Dropbox Library available (API V.2 support)

May 30,2016 Mida 5.5
Berlin and VCL to VCL conversion

Oct 8,2015 - Mida 5.2 Seattle
June 29,2015 - Mida 5.0 XE8

Nov 3, 2014 - Mida 4.5 XE7
May 27, 2014 - Mida 4.2
XE6, Native DPF Android, InfoPower, Mobile C++, TMS IW Pack, native TButton with TImage and more

Oct 28, 2013 - Mida 4.0
Available for XE2/X3/X4 and XE5
with Mobile Android support. New Total conversion feature and VCL to IntraWeb

May 13, 2013 - Mida 3.2
Available for XE2/X3 and XE4
with Mobile iPad support

September 18, 2012 - Mida 3.0 Available for XE2 and XE3

June 8, 2012 - Mida 2.5 at Delphi Day Italy with Marco Cantù

May 13, 2012 - Mida 2.5
New great update - Mida Pack and Realistic conversion

March 20, 2012 Mida 2.3 StyleBook and Advanced LiveBindings support

Jan 5, 2012 Mida 2.3 Beta - StyleBook support





Mida is a complete converter of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder VCL applications to FireMonkey applications.


It is able to fully convert over 200 components with more being added in each new release. It fully supports and updates the data modules updating the .pas, .cpp, and .dpr files in both Delphi and C++ Builder.

VCL Framework and FireMonkey frameworks are very different and in some cases single click conversions are not possible. But in most cases you can generate a new FireMonkey application with only  a few manual changes required.

Mida is priced modestly costing less than 2 hours of a programmers time, yet can save you weeks or months of effort when converting a VCL to FireMonkey application.


Mida Highlights in Previous Versions

Mida 1.5 added support for LiveBindings and C++ Builder


FireMonkey does not support the VCL data-aware components such at the edit box control TDBEdit. Mida takes care of this automatically by using the new Dephi/C++ "Live-Bindings" technology. It creates the standard controls then configures the live-binding bidirectional links and properties for each control leaving you with exactly the same database functionality in your application. 


Mida significantly reducing the conversion process.



Mida 1.7 added support for custom conversion of components and properties not supported in Mida. For example you can configure Mida to rename properties when converting a component (e.g. .caption to .text)



Mida 2.0 added intelligent source code updates. Mida is able to analyze and update source code in Delphi Pascal fixing code which is not compatible with FireMonkey. This saves you the difficulty of searching and replacing code which is often not easy to find or do.




This video shows a project with Delphi XE2 VCL components accessing a database from Elevate Software. It uses DBISAM 4 and ElevateDB 2 components and  perfectly converts to a compatible FireMonkey application using a single click.


The following code while valid in VCL does not run in the FireMonkey framework.





Mida 2.5 adds improved Stylebook conversion. The VCL framework includes style information such as fonts, TPanels, and backgrounds in each component. For example a TLabel would include the font size, name, and color. The FireMonkey framework uses a Stylebook technique where all component style information for a form is contained in a stylesbook for that form rather than in each component.

Mida 2.5 seamlessly and automatically moves the VCL style information into the new FireMonkey stylebook on each form saving you from having to manually cut and paste this information from each component. A real time saver!

At the end of the conversion a detailed log of  the work done is available. This contains information to help in fine tuning the porting of the VCL project to FireMonkey.


Image Support

TImage components are converted into FireMonkey. PNG/JPG/BMP... are full supported.


Other Components

Mida support more TMS, JVCL, DevExpress components.

TMS Software produces a number of very useful components for FireMonkey applications. Click on logo for more details.





Mida 3.2 add support for Delphi XE4 / C++Builder XE4

Are supported the new classes of StyleBook XE3, FireMonkey 2 and for the connection with the database the new classes decidedly improved of LiveBindings XE3.

Very important for better conversion, the support for Anchor and TAction (XE4).


Is also handled automatically creating projects with FMX style of Windows 8 Metropolis.


But the most important feature of Mida 3 is the conversion between different Report Engine.
The first conversion available is : QuickReport To FastReport.


In Mida 3, support for third-party components, has been further developed with the addition of a very special component, the new db-grid of TMS..





Productivity software building blocks for Delphi & C++Builder




Mida 4.0 add support for Delphi XE5 / C++Builder XE5 and Total Conversion

Are supported the new classes of StyleBook XE5, FireMonkey 4 and for the connection with the database the new classes decidedly improved of LiveBindings XE5.


It is full supported conversion for Android Tabled ( FireMonkey required a cpu ARM v7 and Neon feature ).





Mida 4.0 is a revolution in Mida project. Total Conversion is a main feature of Mida Studio 4, allows you to convert single or groups of components. With the prior versions was possible to use Mida to convert projects from VCL to FireMonkey adding exceptions (custom conversion) but the structure VCL to FMX was an obligation.


But now there are no more limits , a total conversion.

For example, you can convert a project from VCL To IntraWeb, or change database, like dbIsam to EDB or AnyDac to FireDac or BDE To FireDac....


Click here for more informations



Mida Source Library

Mida uses a source library (_Mida_FM_Lib.pas) to contain  conversion functions and procedures. New updates of Mida update or replace this  which is then used by new VCL conversions. The programmer can modify this library  if desired to include other functionality in new conversions.



Mida 5.x add support for Delphi XE8 / C++Builder XE8 and DX10 / DX10 Seattle

Mida 5 add support for multi directory and script file (see FAQ page) For XE8 and Seattle is supported TImageList.

In Seattle "Hint" system is full supported.



Mida 5.5 add support for Delphi Berlin / C++Builder Berlin

Mida 5.5 add support for the news features of Berlin like Focus Control

The main feature is the new model conversion "VCL to VCL". You can to convert a VCL project with third-party components to VCL native, It is used an internal database to convert the main additional libraries in VCL Standards, the third-party components are converted and removed. Useful if you want a conversion from VLC to FMX in 2 step VCL Complex> VCL Simple> FMX). Special support to FreePascal and Lazarus


 Complex          Simple
VCL project > VCL project


For example:

TAdvButton -> TButton

TAdvOfficePager -> TPageControl


VCL to VCL conversion is a feature of Mida Studio

Last note, Mida 5.5 support from XE5 to Berlin Ide only.

Mida 5.6 add support for Delphi Tokyo / C++Builder Tokyo

Mida 5.6 add support for the last Ide, new Fmx Style for Grid ( Tokyo only )


New uniGUI framework support (Custom Conversion, Studio only)

Mida convert and create unigui forms automatically, the project must to be created manually.

We have add support for TAdvPanelStyler,TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler,TAdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler TMS Style

a better TAdvToolBar*** components and a better conversion for Top and Left coordinate ( code and visual )
better IsChecked property, too.





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