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Mida Converter is a tool for Delphi and C++ Builder developers to refactor all your projects in a click

Update your old source to new multiplattaform framework or new databases.

Drastic cost reduction of code conversion

Convert all dbIsam database components to Elevate Software EDB is very easy with Mida

New Mida 6.5 is now available with Embarcadero 11.x and RAD Studio 12.x support

Last Mida version add support for Rio, RAD Studio 11.x, 12.x , QuickReport 6, Fast Report 2024, user code, TMS WEB Core..

VCL To FireMonkey

Mida is a complete converter of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder

VCL applications to FireMonkey applications.

It is able to fully convert over 200 components with more being added in each new release. It fully supports and updates the data modules updating the .pas, .cpp, and .dpr files in both Delphi and C++ Builder.

VCL Framework and FireMonkey frameworks are very different and in some cases single click conversions are not possible. But in most cases you can generate a new FireMonkey application with only  a few manual changes required.

Mida is priced modestly costing less than 2 hours of a programmers time, yet can save you weeks or months of effort when converting a VCL to FireMonkey application.

Image Support

VCL and FMX have a different image format

Update obsolete code

Mida try to remove or update all incompatibile code


Fonts, colors, Mida create automatically all setting for FMX StyleBook.

Hundreds of components of Third-party

TMS,DevExpress,JVCL,Raize components,BusinessSkinForms..

Mida 6.0 add special support for TMS WEB Core with advanced procedure. you can overwrite all setting of course

TMS Software

With Mida you can to convert to UniGui your windows code

FM Soft

Others examples of visual, database and report conversion:
VCL To FireMonkey

Update your old source to new multiplatform framework.


Advanced TMS WEB Core conversion support with Third-party components support.

VCL To UniGui

UniGUI framework support,Mida convert and create unigui forms automatically.

VCL To IntraWeb

Convert your windows app to Intraweb web applications.

BDE to FireDac

Remove all obsolete BDE components to FireFac framework.

QuickReport To FastReport

Convert your old QuickReport project to new FastReport ( VCL and FMX ).

DbIsam To EDB

Convert all dbIsam database component to Elevate Software EDB

DbIsam To FireDac

Convert all dbIsam Elevate Software database component to FireDac.

FreePascal and Lazarus

Convert a VCL project with third-party components to VCL native.

You can update in easy mode, all classes and properties conversion with
"Custom Conversion"