Mida Dropbox Library

Easy access to Dropbox API core V2

Dropbox Library informations and order

Dropbox Library is a new Dephi component that allows working with Dropbox API V2 using Delphi in easy way

Official API use guarantees maximum compatibility, the Core API is based on HTTP and OAuth and provides low-level calls to access and manipulate a user’s Dropbox account.

The component supports the newer Delphi versions and works directly with the service using official Dropbox API, it allows to manage account, files and folder for Dropbox

Main features:

– Multi platform support Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux

– VCL and FMX compatible

– It is a new product and use last Embarcadero technologies for lasts IDE

– Required Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo,Rio

– Full example and extra info for Linux

– Optimized for DataSnap and thread code

– Full Source

– No external library required

– Very easy to use and modify

– It is a visual component for Delphi/C++

– New 2017 project for last Dropbox API v2

– Direct Dropbox Api Server call, no extra code for maximum compatibility

– Support Crypt LockBox 3 (free)

– OAuth 2.0

– Unicode


Source Example

Dropbox functions:

– Account ( with or without Login form )
– Space Info
– Copy
– Move
– Rename
– Share
– Create Folder
– List File and Folder
– Download with progress bar
– Upload with progress bar
and more…