Report Conversion

Another great feature of Mida

QuickReport To FastReport

Mida includes support for converting Report. In the initial phase include: QuickReport and FastReport. With the next updates the list will be expanded. The conversion topology, it is not to be included only to a FireMonkey project, but rather can be used by all developers, even for those who want to simply change the report engine.

Original QuickReport:

New FastReport converted with Mida:

Almost all components standard QuickReport are converted to the closest object FastReport. Are managed from simple reports, to more complex reports, is managed and maintained the connection with the database, colors, backgrounds … are shown.

Indicating a directory of a VCL project with QuickReport after conversion with Mida you will get a folder with loose files of FastReport.

Please note that two reports have different philosophies, (QuickReport is more permissive), and some complex prints may not be operated automatically, requiring little manual correction.